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blue service

  • Check all nuts and bolts for correct torque 

  • Check wheels spin freely and true if necessary

  • Inspect condition of tyres and inflate

  • Check bottom bracket for play and wear

  • Check gears, brakes and adjust if necessary 

  • Inspect drive-train parts for wear and lubricate

  • Check headset for movement and adjust if required

  • Clean and lubricate forks and shocks

*Please note the blue service does not include parts

* Additional bike wash £5


Red service

All of the above as a blue service plus;

  • True and tension of both wheels 

  • Strip down and de-grease drive train and bottom bracket

*Please note the red service does not include parts

*Additional bike wash £5


black service

Includes everything from the blue and red services plus; 


  • Full strip down to the frame 

  • Clean all threads and inspect for wear

  • Everything adjusted and re aligned

  • Hydraulic brake bleed 


The black service includes a free bike wash.

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